Aescap funds for the Next Generation

Making investments at a young age is a great way to secure financial independence for the future. Time is a cornerstone in growing your returns. The biotech sector is a growth sector where good returns can be made if one chooses the right companies to invest in. It’s also a sector that contributes to developing a better world with healthier and happier people.

As requested by several of our investors we created the NextGen program. It enables family members (being defined as first- and second-degree relatives) of current investors to enter the Aescap funds with a minimum investment amount of €10.000 each. The investment of a NextGen will be linked to that of the family member.

Are you interested in giving the opportunity to your NextGen to invest in companies with a good prospected financial return developing better medical treatments? Please fill out a subscription form in their name and inform us to which account number it should be linked.

NextGen Aescap