Aescap Genetics Fund

The Aescap Genetics fund was launched in january 2022. This second biotech fund invests exclusively in the fast-growing market of RNA, gene and cell therapy medicines. The advantage of Genetics medicines is their ability to treat diseases at their root cause. They are not only able to treat diseases better but can also treat diseases for which no medicines are available today.

Around 125 public companies have so far launched 50 Genetics medicine and almost 900 others are being tested in humans. These numbers are growing rapidly.  

Aescap has been investing in public Genetics companies since 2016 and has generated an above-average return. The Aescap Genetics portfolio consists of approximately 15 – 20  companies that each have the capacity to minimally double in value over 3-4 years. The Aescap Investment team has also invested heavily in this fund itself.

Investing in the biotech winners

Aescap Genetics provides investors the opportunity to invest in the future winners of this fast growing industry.

An investment in the fund will not only allow for a good return on investment, but it also enables the development of better treatments for diseases with a high unmet medical need such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, MS, obesity, Parkinson’s etc.

Investing in the Aescap Genetics Fund

Would you like to benefit from what is also seen by doctors and scientists as ‘the next big thing’ in medicine development? Please find our contact details here. We’re happy to provide you with all necessary information and we would like to invite you to our office to be introduced to the investment team.

The objective of this actively managed fund is to achieve an average annual net return (net of expenses) of 20% for the medium term (4-5 years). The minimum amount to invest in Aescap Genetics is € 100,000. For asset managers the minimum amount per deposit should be € 10,000 (this can be divided among several investors). Investors can enter and/or exit the fund on a weekly basis. This is an actively managed fund that is not managed based on a benchmark index.

ISIN Code Aescap Genetics: NL0015000PS9

Bloomberg: AESCGEI NA Equity

Sustainability (ESG)

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) classifies the Aescap Genetics Fund as an article 8 fund. Article 8 funds promote environmental or social characteristics, or a combination thereof, among other things, provided the investee companies follow good governance practices. More information on sustainability/ESG.

Balanced portfolio to minimise risks

To minimise investment risks, the fund spreads its portfolio across diverse diseases, various stages of company development and different geographical areas. The fund identifies a number of risks for investors:

  • Liquidity risk: a position taken by an investor may not be able to be liquidated in a timely manner at a reasonable price due to lack of liquidity (insufficient demand) in the market.
  • Sector risk: the fund invests in a sector characterised by high volatility where an active investment approach is very important. This can have a positive or negative impact on the value of the fund.
  • Currency risk: in principle, the fund does not hedge currency positions. Investments other than in euro may therefore cause fluctuations in the net asset value of the fund, both positive and negative.

Please check the prospectus for an overview of identified risks.

Aescap Genetics