Aescap Life Sciences & Genetics

With a portfolio manager that has over 30 years of experience investing in the biotech/life sciences market, Aescap provides investors the chance to invest into the future winners of this industry. An investment in each of the funds will not only allow for a good return on investment, it also enables the development of better treatments for diseases with a high unmet medical need such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Obesity, Parkinson’s and many others. Read more about our two funds below.

Aescap Life Sciences

This fund has a focused portfolio, investing in a variety of around 20 – 25 companies that exploit numerous different medical technologies. In order to reduce the risks of investing in this sector, the fund diversifies its portfolio over many disease areas, different phases of company development and geographical areas. The fund invests mainly in Europe and the US.

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The fund’s objective is to make an average minimum Annual Net Return (after deduction of costs) of 20% over the mid-term (4-5 years). For wealth managers there is no minimum subscription amount,, though the minimum subscription per time is EUR 10.000. For private individuals the minimum subscription amount is EUR 500.000 with an exception for family and friends for who a minimum of EUR 101.000 applies. Investors can enter and exit the fund twice a month.

ISIN Code Aescap Life Sciences: NL0012343958

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Aescap Genetics

In January 2022, six years after the launch of Aescap Life Sciences, our second fund called Aescap Genetics was launched. The Genetics Fund invests exclusively in the fast-growing market of RNA, gene and cell therapy medicines. The advantage of Genetics medicines is their ability to treat diseases at their root cause. They are able to treat diseases better and can also treat diseases for which no medicines are available today.

The Aescap Genetics Fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in carefully selected innovative genetics companies. An investment in the fund not only enables you to make a good financial return, but also enables the development of (better) drugs for diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, COPD, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s and many others. Around 125 public companies have so far launched 50 Genetics medicines and almost 900 others are being tested in humans. These numbers are growing rapidly.  


The Aescap Genetics Fund invests in approximately 15-20 companies. These  companies each have the capacity to minimally double in value over 4-5 years. This is an actively managed fund, it is not managed based on a benchmark index. To minimise investment risk, the fund spreads its portfolio across diverse diseases, various stages of company development and different geographical areas. Aescap’s investment team has over 30 years of experience investing in the biotech market and also invests heavily in this fund itself. Like they do in the Aescap Life Sciences Fund. More information on Aescap’s investment strategy can be found here.

The minimum investment amount for the Aescap Genetics fund is € 100.000,-. For wealth managers the minimum subscription amount is € 10.000,-. The fund has a weekly liquidity with a 5-day notice period.

More information on the Aescap Genetics Fund

ISIN Code Aescap Genetics: NL0015000PS9

Bloomberg: AESCGEI NA Equity