Aescap Life Sciences & Aescap Genetics Fund

Investing in the future winners of biotech

The Aescap Life Sciences Fund and Aescap Genetics fund invest in companies that are developing tomorrow’s medicines. Thereby we provide investors the chance to invest into the future winners of the biotech industry.

Both funds aim for capital growth and an average net return (net of expenses) of at least 20% annually over the medium term (4-5 years). To maximize returns and mitigate risk, we diversify our portfolios over many disease areas, different phases of company development and geographical areas.

Our Portfolio Manager has over 30 years of experience investing in the biotech/life sciences market and the Investment Team consists of experienced professionals with different backgrounds in investing and the healthcare industry.

An investment in our funds will not only allow for a good return on investment. It also enables the development of better treatments for diseases with a high unmet medical need such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Obesity, Parkinson’s and many others.


Both Aescap funds are actively managed and have focused portfolios of around 20 companies each.

Investment decisions are based on thorough research, fundamental analyses and advanced company valuations based on the calculation of the net present value.

Next to that, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s management, track record, team dynamics, their view on the future of the company and the markets they serve.

More information on Aescap’s investment strategy can be found here.

Aescap Life Sciences

The Aescap Life Sciences Fund was launched on 28 March 2016. This open-end fund invests in biotech companies that develop and market next generation medical treatments. There are around 1.000 public biotech companies. So diligent review is needed. We annually review all 1.000 companies, have a dialogue with 75 promising companies and select 20 for the fund. This means we carefully pick only one out of 50 companies! The Aescap Life Sciences Fund diversifies its portfolio over many disease areas, different phases of company development and geographical areas and invests mainly in Europe and the US. The fund has an average annual net performance target of 20% over the mid-term (4-5 years).

The minimum amount to invest in Aescap Life Sciences is € 500.000. For asset managers the minimum amount per deposit should be € 10.000 (this can be divided among several investors). For family and friends the Portfolio Manager may accept an amount less than € 500.000, with a minimum of € 101.000.

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Aescap Genetics

Six years after the launch of Aescap Life Sciences, in January 2022, we launched a new fund, called Aescap Genetics. The Genetics Fund invests in listed biotech companies as well, but exclusively in the fast-growing market of RNA, gene and cell therapy medicines. The advantage of Genetics medicines is their ability to treat diseases at their root cause. They are able to treat diseases better and can also treat diseases for which no medicines are available today. Over 125 public companies have so far launched around 90 Genetics medicines and over 2.000 others are in clinical tests. These numbers are growing rapidly. The Genetics Fund has a focused portfolio, investing in around 20 companies. The fund has an average annual net performance target of 20% over the mid-term (4-5 years).

The minimum investment amount for the Aescap Genetics fund is € 100.000,-. For wealth managers the minimum subscription amount is € 10.000,-.

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