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Patrick Krol
Patrick joined Aescap at its start in 2005. Where Aescap initially invested in private life sciences companies, Patrick has been a private investor in public equity for over 30 years. His track record as a private investor in public biotech companies over the last two calendar years (2014+2015) is 133% (cumulative). He originally is a life sciences business development specialist. From 1995 to 2005, he guided over 35 listed pharma and biotech companies to successfully introduce or grow their products.

As a Founder and Managing Director at Firm United Healthcare from 1997 to 2004, Patrick was responsible for growing the company to become a market leader. During this period, he also co-founded Interactive Healthcare and the Healthcare Management School. In 2004 he sold his share in all three companies. Since 2004 he has gained professional experience as an investor and on board level with private as well as public life sciences companies such as: of Aquapharm Biodiscovery Limited,  F-star, i-Optics B.V., Orphazyme Aps, and Shire International Licensing BV,. In 2003, he became a visiting teacher of the business school of the University of Wageningen on ‘Strategy in the pharmaceutical Industry’. He published several articles on biopharma marketing strategy and has been a speaker and moderator at healthcare seminars and congresses. Patrick studied physical therapy and business administration and later in his career finalized an M.B.A. in Executive Management and Consultancy from LMS.