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We invest in listed companies which develop and market next generation medical treatments. One by one high growth companies being de-risked from a technology & finance perspective.

Focus on high growth market

An ageing population, an increased interest in Western medicine in emerging markets, and the development around precision medicine based on genetic profiling are three of the important drivers for growth of the market for innovative medicine over the coming decades. Within this market we are constantly looking for those companies with high growth potential, a limited risk profile and which are seriously undervalued;


We acknowledge that to generate favorable returns differentiating choices are required, but we remain risk aware. Yes we invest in de-risked listed life sciences / biotech equities, but our approach is genuinely different;

Diversification within our Focus

Within our focused approach we diversify over diseases, stages of development and geographies;

Buy and sell discipline

Stock picking in combination with an active and discplined buy and sell strategy is the basis for our proven results. This supported by our passion for the life sciences industry and a healthy appetite for success;

In an ever-changing market

We believe in a humble attitude and with that the ability to change our course when necessary; this flexibility is a key to be successful in an ever-changing market;