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Aescap 2.0

Aescap 2.0 is an open-end biotech fund for joint account investing in listed companies that develop and/or market next generation medicines. Investors can enter and exit the fund twice a month. Aescap 2.0 has a focused portfolio, investing in approximately 18 companies from a total universe of almost 800 listed companies in the biotech sector. Our significant out-performance of our benchmark, the Nasdaq Biotech Index (NBI), is driven by only investing in those companies with an outstanding management team, innovative products and a low risk profile, which are at the same time seriously undervalued.

In order to reduce the risks of investing in this sector the fund diversifies its portfolio over several disease areas, different phases of company development as well as geographical areas. Read more about our strategy here. The Fund’s objective is to make an average minimum annual net return (after deduction of costs) of 20%+ over the mid-term (4-5 years). The minimum subscription amount is €500.000,-.

ISIN Code Aescap 2.0: NL0012343958
Bloomberg: AESCAPI NA Equity

Net Performance at 14-05-20:

Start* 2020 1 month 3 months 1 year 2 years 3 years
+108,4% -7,1% +8,3% -11,5% +10,6% +59,6% +75,2%


*Inception of the fund at 28-03-2016