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Aescap 2.0

Aescap 2.0 is an open-end biotech fund that invests in publicly traded biotech companies. It invests in high-growth companies that develop and market new medicines and to a lesser extent diagnostics and/or medical devices. Entry into and exit from this biotech fund is possible twice per month.

The biotech market is a large and fast-growing market where breakthrough medicines can be sold globally. The substantial growth of the biotech market, also called life sciences market, is driven by a longer life expectancy (especially in the emerging markets) as well as an ageing population. Both factors are driving demand for improved and cost-effective medicine, diagnostics and medical devices. Today for most diseases there is still no cure. Yes in many cases there is a a treatment of symptoms available but often these come with serious side affects and/or still limit quality of life and life span.. There is a high unmet medical need for diseases such as Alzheimer, Arthrosis, Cancer, Diabetes, MS, Obesity, Parkinson and many other diseases including approximately 6,000 rare diseases with no treatment available at all today.

Aescap 2.0 was founded by portfolio manager Patrick Krol on March 28 2016. The fund has a focused portfolio, investing in approximately 18 companies. Within this focus it will ensure that the portfolio is diversified over different diseases and company development phases. The Fund’s objective is to make an annual net return (after deduction of costs) of 20% over the mid-term (4-5 years). The name Aescap is derived from Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine, and Capital.

Portfolio Manager Patrick Krol

The Portfolio Manager of Aescap 2.0 is Patrick Krol who has more than 30 years of experience in investing in public biotech companies. He developed an highly disciplined investment strategy based on his own experiences over decades in which he went through several stock market cycles. He believes the fund’s buy and sell discipline and risk management is key to its succes and he does not shy away from being an activist investor where necessary. This strategy has resulted in a stellar perfomance that has granted Aescap 2.0 a 5-star Morningstar rating (the highest rating available) and has generated a very good annualized return to investors in the fund, see the ‘Performance’ page. 

Fund Management

Aescap 2.0 is managed by Privium Fund Management B.V. (Privium) as Alternative Investment Fund Manager of the Fund. Privium is an asset manager with offices in Amsterdam, London and Hong Kong which focuses on alternative investments. The Fund Manager is responsible for the entire management of the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the Fund Documents and applicable laws. Privium Fund Management B.V. is authorized and regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets ( as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) as referred to in article 2:65 (a). Both Privium and the Fund are registered in the register of the AFM. Privium as a group is managing over USD 2.3 billion. For additional information on the fund manager please visit Privium´s website at: