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Aescap 2.0: Currently open for new investors

Aescap invests in high-growth companies dedicated to develop and market highly innovative medical treatments. It typically invests in those companies that are on the forefront of innovation in biotechnology.

Aescap 2.0, Aescap’s latest fund, invests in public biotech companies that are de-risked from a technology and finance perspective. To maximize the fund return and minimize risk the fund spreads its investments over companies that are in different stages of development, active in different geographies and work on different diseases. The Fund’s objective is to enable the development of next generation medicine and make an annual average net return of 20%+ to its investors in parallel.

The fund’s ability to outperform the market is the result of a focused investment strategy: investing in around 18 biotech companies at a time, based on fundamental company analyses and a constant dialogue with their management. Another important pillar under our success is the multi-disciplinary set-up of our team, with most team members having been part of the healthcare industry for over 25 years.

Investors in Aescap 2.0 can join or exit the fund on a monthly basis. The fund is a so called fund for joint account. The minimum investment amount in the fund is € 0.5 million. Please feel free to give us a call at +31 20 570 29 40 or send an email to to receive more information.

Best regards on behalf of the Aescap team,

Aescap Medical Investments B.V.

Patrick J.H. Krol
Fund Manager